SAP HANA appliance – Make real-time decisions when you leverage this high-performance analytic appliance.

  • Real–Time Analytics – The SAP HANA platform can help companies analyze large volumes of detailed operational and transactional information in real time, from virtually any data source. HANA captures massive amounts of transactional data in–memory, instantly explores data from virtually any data source and provides flexible views of analytic information in seconds.
  • Real–Time Platform – Access the power to build a new generation of applications on the SAP HANA platform – a powerful foundation that delivers groundbreaking innovations for less. With HANA, companies can combine high–volume transactions with analytics to provide applications that dramatically improve planning.
  • Real–Time Applications – By industry and lines of business.
  • Real–Time Database – Use the SAP HANA database to cut through the clutter of unwanted data by organizing tables in an efficient manner. With this in-memory database, the applications can find the information requested, without wasting time sifting through data that's irrelevant to the query. As a result, complex query results are returned in seconds. Users can run multiple queries in parallel without sacrificing performance, get rapid results to complex data queries and develop intricate predictive models.

Our Support

SAP HANA is probably one of the hottest topics currently discussed among SAP customers. Besides the more general question if or if not SAP HANA is an added value for the business, there is also the question of when to migrate. Basically, a migration to HANA can take place in two steps: First the change of the database platform from e.g. your SAP Business Suite to SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA; in a second step the adaptation of your applications in order to get the most out of the In–Memory architecture. We offer our support at